Male/Female Lockable Ball Valve


LBBV-15-MF 15mm

LBBV-20-MF 20mm

LBBV-25-MF 25mm

LBBV-32-MF 32mm

LBBV-40-MF 40mm

LBBV-50-MF 50mm

Series FBV-3C-AUS, Full Port, Brass Ball Valves are used in commercial and industrial applications for a full range of liquids and gases. They feature a bottom-loaded blowout-proof stem, virgin PTFE seats, thrust washer, and adjustable stem packing gland, stem packing nut, chrome plated brass ball, brass adapter, and steel handle.

For 15mm to 50mm—41Bar (600psi) WOG,non-shock,10.3 Bar (150psi) WSP.
For 65mm to 80mm—27.5Bar (400psi) WOG,non-shock,8.6 Bar (125psi)WSP.

All models in this series are Watermarked and Gas mark approved
Watermark — Certificate of Conformity — Level 1 Evaluated to ATS 5200.012-2005
GSCS—Gas Safety Certification Scheme AS 4617-2004

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