Watts Automatic Air Vent


FV-4MI 3mm

FV-4MI-6 6mm

FV-4MI-25 25mm

Series FV-4M1

  • Body and cover are brass construction
  • Air vent with silicone rubber seal
  • Impurities do not usually affect function as maximum float line of water is always lower than the valve seal
  • Float is high temperature resistant polyethylene 
  • Suitable for use with glycol systems
  • Can be disassembled for inspection and cleaning
  • Minimum working pressure: 1.45psi (10 kPa)
  • Maximum working pressure: 150psi (10 bar)
  • Temperature Range: 5˚C – 116˚C

Series FV-4M1 Automatic Air Vent Valves provide automatic air venting for hot or cold water distribution systems. These vents
purge air that may be in the water system. 

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