Watts PN16 Roll Grooved Butterfly Valves Gear


WMBFVRG-80G 80mm

WMBFVRG-100G 100mm

WMBFVRG-150G 150mm

WMBFVRG-200G 200mm

Potable water service Butterfly Valves with Watermark certification, for on and off and flow control service.

Suitable applications would include building services, potable water and wastewater, general industry, and irrigation water supply.

Nominal Diameter: DN80~DN200
Nominal Pressure: PN16
Working Temperature: -20°C~+120°C
Working Medium: Potable Water Connection Type: Groove End
Connection Standard: AS3688 & per Table.
Design Standard: ATS 5200.012-2005
Test Standard: ISO 5208-2008
Certification: WaterMarked WMK 26060

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